1. [ verb ] have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun)

"John is rich" "This is not a good answer"

Related terms: look sell stay want appear tend prove stand feel stay stand cost range remain deserve rate look account_for count rest specify contain total lie represent measure compare hail end depend run belong make_sense figure underlie comprise consist_of hold loiter go pay fall run_into stand_by confuse account_for relate belong suffer let_go rage shine buy promise incarnate owe head wind come_in_for hang rank belong lend subtend stink hum abound cut_across squat sparkle suffer sulk suit litter fit shine jumble balance sell be_well come_in_handy trim breathe osculate cohere stagnate rut recognize distribute stick impend hoodoo seethe translate mope seethe cut diverge iridesce gravitate fall compact continue draw wash clean accept seem test attend beat answer act cover connect contain sell gape make kill account deck pride disagree begin pass begin consist lubricate swing work retard stagnate object press transplant point put_out suffer
2. [ verb ] be identical to; be someone or something, as in "The president of the company is John Smith"

"This is my house"

3. [ verb ] occupy a certain position or area; be somewhere

"Where is my umbrella?" "The toolshed is in the back" also for abstract situations and relations: "What is behind this behavior?"

Related terms: dwell lie attend sit run cover stretch inhabit reach follow occupy go come lie straddle extend face belong center_on stand_back lie
4. [ verb ] have an existence, be extant
Synonyms: exist

"Is there a God?"

Related terms: endanger dwell prevail come flow coexist preexist distribute kick_around being
5. [ verb ] happen, occur, take place
Synonyms: occur

"I lost my wallet this was during the visit to my parents' house" "There were two hundred people at his funeral" "There was a lot of noise in the kitchen"

Related terms: lie fall run abound_in interlude
6. [ verb ] be identical or equivalent to
Synonyms: equal

: "One dollar equals 1,000 rubles these days!"

Related terms: differ represent match equate translate
7. [ verb ] form or compose
Synonyms: constitute make_up represent comprise

"This money is my only income" "These constitute my entire belonging" "The children made up the chorus" "This sum represents my entire income for a year" "These few men comprise his entire army"

Related terms: form compose fall_into supplement present range make constitution
8. [ verb ] (work) work in a specific place, with a specific subject, or in a specific function
Synonyms: work follow

"He is a herpetologist "She is our resident philosopher"

Related terms: wait carpenter clerk page cox specialize vet minister intern skipper cooper boondoggle work
9. [ verb ] represent, as of a character on stage
Synonyms: embody personify

"Derek Jacobi was Hamlet"

Related terms: symbolize exemplify body character
10. [ verb ] spend or use time

: "I may be an hour"

Related terms: take
11. [ verb ] have life, be alive
Synonyms: live

"Our great leader is no more" "My grandfather lived until the end of war"

Related terms: live_on survive animation life_form
12. [ verb ] to remain unmolested, undisturbed, or uninterrupted -- used only in infinitive form

"let her be"

Related terms: stay
13. [ verb ] be priced at
Synonyms: cost

"These shoes cost $100"

Related terms: set_back monetary_value
14. [ noun ] (chemistry) a light strong brittle gray toxic bivalent metallic element
Synonyms: beryllium atomic_number_4 glucinium
Related terms: metallic_element gadolinite chrysoberyl beryl
Similar spelling:   bey