1. [ noun ] the characteristic bodily form of a mature organism
Related terms: body
2. [ noun ] a living (or once living) entity that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently
Synonyms: organism being living_thing animate_thing
Related terms: object entity person plant animal cell individual microorganism life parasite host relative mutant zooid animalcule amphidiploid heterotroph biont sitter anaerobe katharobe nonvascular_organism polymorph atavist saprophyte stander mascot nekton plankton utterer relict denizen heteroploid conspecific haploid aerobe benthos saprobe diploid hybrid commensal polyploid prokaryote clone eukaryote myrmecophile cell body_part tissue young stratum viability parthenote organic_chemistry zygote actinal morphogenesis metabolism bioluminescent be
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