1. [ noun ] a human being
Synonyms: person someone human soul mortal somebody

"there was too much for one person to do"

Related terms: life_form causal_agent man friend subject Jew case party worker neighbor leader Black national expert machine slave applicant engineer perceiver amateur adversary consumer White child owner collector registrant commoner bodybuilder relative killer lover scientist self follower combatant homemaker authority life candidate adult victim inhabitant male coward compulsive planner defender ruler peer female individualist user native achiever intellectual traveler convert user ward explorer warrior European left-hander advocate hope modern blond celebrant recipient appointee creature face dead_person homosexual captor acquaintance learner good_guy adventurer interpreter innocent namesake gambler contestant personage philosopher biter best radical redhead rescuer personification creator pistoleer precursor fugitive sleeper religionist demander dissenter entertainer unfortunate sentimentalist Elizabethan enrollee seeker partner free_agent sort good_person bad_guy transfer suspect terror hater survivor tiger introvert immune hoarder kneeler adjudicator linguist advisee actor abstainer malcontent literate man_jack baby_boomer autodidact juvenile jewel middlebrow mixed-blood baldhead large_person bedfellow bullfighter baby_buster communicator anomaly nude nonsmoker outcaste optimist masturbator nonmember mesomorph nonparticipant miracle_man brunet propositus charmer nonworker neutral nondescript nonreligious_person money_handler quitter occultist rich_person repeater clumsy_person roundhead second-rater signer copycat complexifier primitive stigmatic pussycat quarter six-footer simpleton sleepyhead sounding_board debtor creditor sphinx right-hander differentiator deliverer sensualist dribbler ectomorph drug_user double emotional_person endomorph unskilled_person unwelcome_person disputant extrovert small_person fiduciary faddist person_of_color first-rater
2. [ adjective ] being or characteristic of a single thing or person

"individual drops of rain" "please mark the individual pages" "they went their individual ways"

Related terms: common respective particular separate individualist singular idiosyncratic man-to-man one-on-one single separate individuality
3. [ noun ] a single organism
Related terms: life_form head individualize
4. [ adjective ] separate and distinct from others of the same kind
Synonyms: item-by-item case-by-case

"mark the individual pages" "on a case-by-case basis"

Related terms: independent
5. [ adjective ] characteristic of or meant for a single person or thing
Synonyms: single separate

"an individual serving" "separate rooms" "single occupancy" "a single bed"

Related terms: unshared
6. [ adjective ] concerning one person exclusively
Synonyms: private

"we all have individual cars" "each room has a private bath"

Related terms: personal
Similar spelling:   individually