1. [ noun ] the power or right to give orders or make decisions
Synonyms: say-so dominance

"he has the authority to issue warrants" "deputies are given authorization to make arrests"

Related terms: control command carte_blanche lordship power_of_appointment
2. [ noun ] (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others

"the authorities have issued a curfew"

Related terms: person civil_authority authoriser mandator allocator approver authority_figure abrogator pasha rebuker withdrawer plural
3. [ noun ] an expert whose views are taken as definitive

"he is an authority on corporate law"

Related terms: expert evaluator adviser Church_Father connoisseur master high_priest liturgist
4. [ noun ] freedom from doubt; belief in yourself and your abilities
Synonyms: confidence assurance self-confidence sureness self-assurance

"his assurance in his superiority did not make him popular" "after that failure he lost his confidence" "she spoke with authority"

Related terms: certainty certain uncertain
5. [ noun ] official permission or approval
Synonyms: authorisation sanction authorization

"authority for the program was renewed several times"

Related terms: permission grant sanction
6. [ noun ] (government) an administrative unit of government
Synonyms: office agency bureau federal_agency government_agency

"the Central Intelligence Agency" "the Census Bureau" "Office of Management and Budget" "Tennessee Valley Authority"

Related terms: administrative_unit Atomic_Energy_Commission Selective_Service organ child_welfare_agency National_Park_Service Federal_Housing_Administration fda Manhattan_Project Environmental_Protection_Agency u.s._army_criminal_investigation_laboratory executive_agency Internal_Revenue_Service United_Nations_agency Federal_Bureau_of_Investigation nrc Bureau_of_Alcohol_Tobacco_and_Firearms Comptroller_of_the_Currency Bureau_of_Customs Bureau_of_Engraving_and_Printing Center_for_Disease_Control occupational_safety_and_health_act ahpcrc national_climatic_data_center national_institute_of_standards_and_technology patent_office central_bank secret_service National_Aeronautics_and_Space_Administration Central_Intelligence_Agency financial_management_service faa gao foreign_service naval_surface_warfare_center icc national_labor_relations_board national_weather_service inland_revenue ordnance_survey sec local_authority cdc counterterrorist_center nonproliferation_center national_oceanic_and_atmospheric_administration bja technology_administration national_institutes_of_health national_technical_information_service darpa department_of_defense_laboratory_system department_of_energy_intelligence phs bjs immigration_and_naturalization_service regulatory_agency redevelopment_authority bureau_of_diplomatic_security united_states_border_patrol bureau_of_intelligence_and_research fws weather_bureau office_of_intelligence_support Social_Security_Administration transportation_safety_administration Bureau_of_the_Census u._s._coast_guard naval_air_warfare_center_weapons_division naval_special_warfare naval_research_laboratory naval_underwater_warfare_center office_of_naval_intelligence marine_corps_intelligence_activity afisr independent_agency advanced_research_and_development_activity defense_logistics_agency defense_reutilization_and_marketing_service defense_technical_information_center law_enforcement_agency government_printing_office national_guard_bureau ai ballistic_missile_defense_organization defense_information_systems_agency national_imagery_and_mapping_agency casualty_care_research_center afrl
7. [ noun ] (law) the power or right to give orders or make decisions
Synonyms: authorisation dominance say-so authorization

"he has the authority to issue warrants" "deputies are given authorization to make arrests"

Related terms: power control command carte_blanche power_of_appointment muscle lordship dominate
8. [ noun ] (writing) an authoritative written work

"this book is the final authority on the life of Milton"

Related terms: book last_word
9. [ noun ] the act of final authorization
Synonyms: sanction

"it had the sanction of the church"

Related terms: authorization name benefit_of_clergy nihil_obstat sanction
Similar spelling:   authorities