1. [ adjective ] confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy

"a private place" "private discussions" "private lessons" "a private club" "a private secretary" "private property" "a private citizen" "a private life"

Related terms: public confidential privy clannish closet insular closed-door semiprivate nonpublic cloistered offstage one-on-one close tete-a-tete closed-door one-on-one backstage head-to-head toffee-nosed personal esoteric
2. [ noun ] (military,work) an enlisted man of the lowest rank
Synonyms: common_soldier buck_private

"our prisoner was just a private and knew nothing of value"

Related terms: enlisted_man
3. [ adjective ] concerning things deeply private and personal

"private correspondence" "private family matters"

Related terms: personal
4. [ adjective ] concerning one person exclusively
Synonyms: individual

"we all have individual cars" "each room has a private bath"

Related terms: personal
5. [ adjective ] not expressed
Synonyms: secret

"secret (or private) thoughts"

Related terms: inward
Similar spelling:   privates