1. [ noun ] (zoology) a living organism characterized by voluntary movement
Synonyms: creature beast fauna brute animate_being
Related terms: life_form game female young male larva giant adult prey mate pet survivor domestic_animal captive mutant racer dead_animal vermin fictional_animal range_animal acrodont pleurodont insectivore molter chordate stayer scavenger creepy-crawly marine_animal ectotherm peeper critter zooplankton omnivore invertebrate metazoan herbivore predator work_animal varmint thoroughbred biped migrator stunt embryo darter Animalia head face animal_tissue body side adult microorganism trap free-swimming wart unregistered clipped humaneness herding registered nose diet actinomycete domesticate trailing sitter transmitter schistosome_dermatitis hispid sacrifice flesh-eating domesticate crested crop plant-eating epizootic insectivorous bone-covered half-blooded stander drench all-devouring bone animalize
2. [ adjective ] of the appetites and passions of the body
Synonyms: carnal sensual fleshly

"animal instincts" "carnal knowledge" "fleshly desire" "a sensual delight in eating" "music is the only sensual pleasure without vice"

Related terms: physical
3. [ adjective ] of the nature of or characteristic of or derived from an animal or animals

"the animal kingdom" "animal instincts" "animal fats"

Related terms: mineral vegetable animallike horselike cranelike insectlike birdlike fishlike
Similar spelling:   Animalia