1. [ noun ] activity directed toward making or doing something

"she checked several points needing further work"

Related terms: activity service duty undertaking labor operation wash care operation investigation mission washing job housework paperwork shining job logging busywork loose_end subbing welfare_work heavy_lifting ironing timework spadework coursework action nightwork housewifery
2. [ noun ] a product produced or accomplished through the effort or activity or agency of a person or thing
Synonyms: piece_of_work

: "it is not regarded as one of his more memorable works" "the symphony was hailed as an ingenious work" "he was indebted to the pioneering work of Dewey"

Related terms: product publication masterpiece woodwork openwork handicraft wicker work_in_progress follow-up silverwork leatherwork lacquerware workpiece metalwork lacework ironwork
3. [ verb ] (work) exert oneself by doing mental or physical work for a purpose or out of necessity

"I will work hard to improve my grades" "she worked hard for better living conditions for the poor"

Related terms: idle work_at collaborate serve busy assist follow_through work_through putter volunteer wait minister skipper beaver skimp intern plug_away boondoggle clerk cooper page pull_one's_weight carpenter specialize electioneer worker actor
4. [ noun ] (work) the occupation for which you are paid
Synonyms: job employment

"he is looking for employment" "a lot of people are out of work"

Related terms: occupation service services position engagement seafaring coaching public_service appointment piecework telecommuting paper_route treadmill workload
5. [ verb ] (work) be employed
Synonyms: do_work

"Is your husband working again?" "My wife never worked" "Do you want to work after the age of 60?" "She never did any work because she inherited a lot of money" "She works as a waitress to put herself through college"

Related terms: drive serve fill farm man labor slave serve job moonlight scab consult subcontract free-lance bank turn_a_trick drive tinker be worker
6. [ verb ] have an effect or outcome; often the one desired or expected
Synonyms: act

"The voting process doesn't work as well as people thought" "This method doesn't work" "The medicine works only if you take it with a lot of water"

Related terms: succeed bring
7. [ noun ] (psychology,education) applying the mind to learning and understanding a subject (especially by reading)
Synonyms: study

"mastering a second language requires a lot of work" "no schools offer graduate study in interior design"

Related terms: learning study
8. [ noun ] (fine art) the total output of a writer or artist (or a substantial part of it)
Synonyms: body_of_work oeuvre

"he studied the entire Wagnerian oeuvre" "Picasso's work can be divided into periods"

Related terms: end_product writing
9. [ verb ] (work) work in a specific place, with a specific subject, or in a specific function
Synonyms: be follow

"He is a herpetologist "She is our resident philosopher"

Related terms: wait cooper page skipper specialize vet minister intern clerk cox boondoggle carpenter
10. [ verb ] perform as expected when applied
Synonyms: operate function run go

"The washing machine won't go unless it's plugged in" "Does this old car still run well?" "This old radio doesn't work anymore"

Related terms: malfunction service run roll double cut pan_out run operation
11. [ verb ] shape, form, or improve a material
Synonyms: work_on process

"work stone into tools" "process iron" "work the metal"

Related terms: transform rework overwork coldwork rack till tool shape
12. [ verb ] give a work-out to
Synonyms: exercise work_out

: "Some parents exercise their infants" "My personal trainer works me hard" "work one's muscles"

Related terms: warm_up exercise gymnastic_apparatus exercise
13. [ noun ] (work) a place where work is done
Synonyms: workplace

"he arrived at work early today"

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14. [ verb ] proceed towards a goal or along a path or through an activity

"work your way through every problem or task" "She was working on her second martini when the guests arrived" "Start from the bottom and work towards the top"

Related terms: go make
15. [ verb ] (work) operate in a certain place, area, or specialty

"She works the night clubs" "The salesman works the Midwest" "This artist works mostly in acrylics"

16. [ verb ] happen
Synonyms: operate

"What is going on in the minds of the people?"

Related terms: anticipate happen process
17. [ noun ] (physics) a manifestation of energy; the transfer of energy from one physical system to another expressed as the product of a force and the distance through which it moves a body in the direction of that force

"work equals force times distance"

Related terms: energy physics
18. [ verb ] pick one's way
Synonyms: make_one's_way work_one's_way airt
Related terms: pass claw jostle bushwhack
19. [ verb ] proceed along a path
Synonyms: make

"work one's way through the crowd" "make one's way into the forest"

Related terms: pass claw jostle bushwhack
20. [ verb ] cause to happen or to occur as a consequence
Synonyms: bring make_for play wreak

"I cannot work a miracle" "wreak havoc" "bring comments" "play a joke" "The rain brought relief to the drought-stricken area"

Related terms: make pull_off effect induce raise stage bring_about
21. [ verb ] move in ran agitated manner;

"His fingers worked with tension"

Related terms: move
22. [ verb ] (agriculture) prepare for crops
Synonyms: cultivate crop

"Work the soil" "cultivate the land"

Related terms: prepare overcrop farming knead cultivator
23. [ verb ] cause to work
Synonyms: put_to_work

"he is working his servants hard"

Related terms: use exercise implement warm_up rack overwork computerize
24. [ verb ] deal with verbally or in some form of artistic expression
Synonyms: deal cover treat handle plow address

"This book deals with incest" "The course covered all of Western Civilization" "The new book treats the history of China"

Related terms: broach discourse spiel theologise treat embrace discussion
25. [ verb ] (food) cause to undergo fermentation
Synonyms: ferment

"We ferment the grapes for a very long time to achieve high alcohol content" "The vintner worked the wine in big oak vats"

Related terms: convert vinify sour zymosis fermentation ferment sour
26. [ verb ] go sour or spoil
Synonyms: turn sour ferment

"The milk has soured" "The wine worked" "The cream has turned--we have to throw it out"

Related terms: change_state ferment zymosis fermentation souring
27. [ verb ] make something, usually for a specific function
Synonyms: form shape mould forge mold

"She molded the riceballs carefully" "Form cylinders from the dough" "shape a figure" "Work the metal into a sword"

Related terms: create_from_raw_material carve model beat sculpt mound puddle hill swage machine reshape sinter cast chip handbuild throw stamp preform preform roughcast constitution formation form cast
28. [ verb ] have and exert influence or effect
Synonyms: influence act_upon

"The artist's work influenced the young painter" "She worked on her friends to support the political candidate"

Related terms: affect carry dominate manipulate swing imprint militate color get_at blackmail prejudice influence influence
29. [ verb ] use to one's advantage
Synonyms: exploit

"He exploit the new taxation system" "She knows how to work the system" "he works his parents for sympathy"

Related terms: use use play avail prey harness optimize make_hay exploitation
30. [ verb ] behave in a certain way when handled

"This dough does not work easily" "The soft metal works well"

Related terms: be knead
31. [ verb ] cause to operate or function

"This pilot works the controls" "Can you work an electric drill?"

Related terms: manage
32. [ verb ] move into or onto

"work the raisins into the dough" "the student worked a few jokes into his presentation" "work the body onto the flatbed truck"

Related terms: move stir
33. [ verb ] arrive at a certain condition through repeated motion

"The stitches of the hem worked loose after she wore the skirt many times"

Related terms: become
34. [ verb ] operate in or through

"Work the phones"

Related terms: operate go
35. [ verb ] provoke or excite

"The rock musician worked the crowd of young girls into a frenzy"

Related terms: stimulate exploit
36. [ verb ] gratify and charm, usually in order to influence

"the political candidate worked the crowds"

Related terms: capture
37. [ verb ] make uniform
Synonyms: knead

"knead dough" "work the clay until it is soft"

Related terms: manipulate proof masticate cultivate
38. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 8682
39. [ verb ] find the solution to (a problem or question):"did you solve the problem?"; understand the meaning of
Synonyms: solve figure_out puzzle_out lick work_out

"did you get it?" "Did you get my meaning?" "He could not work the math problem"

Related terms: understand answer guess answer riddle strike break solution resolution reason
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