1. [ verb ] form the substance of

"Greed and ambition composed his personality

Related terms: constitute component
2. [ verb ] (music) write music
Synonyms: write

"Beethoven composed nine symphonies"

Related terms: make arrange score set_to_music melodize instrument harmonize counterpoint music composer composing
3. [ verb ] (writing) produce a literary work
Synonyms: write pen indite

"She composed a poem" "He wrote four novels"

Related terms: create_verbally write_on draft adapt reference write_out write_off dramatize draw author profile lyric script dash_off write_copy annotate paragraph versify paragraph write_out publish writing pen spell
4. [ verb ] put together out of existing material
Synonyms: compile

"compile a list"

Related terms: make catalogue cobble_together anthologize compilation compilation compositor
5. [ verb ] calm (someone, esp. oneself); make quiet

"She had to compose herself before she could reply to this terrible insult"

Related terms: calm composure
6. [ verb ] draw up the plans or basic details for
Synonyms: frame draw_up outline

"frame a policy"

Related terms: plan framer
Similar spelling:   composer