1. [ noun ] (meteorology) air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure
Synonyms: current_of_air air_current

"trees bent under the fierce winds" "when there is no wind, row"

Related terms: weather breeze gust monsoon draft headwind tailwind chinook doldrums east_wind harmattan calm_air thermal southwester khamsin northwest_wind monsoon north_wind prevailing_wind simoom south_wind squall southeaster catabatic_wind gale west_wind santa_ana high_wind fohn crosswind airstream air
2. [ verb ] to move or cause to move in a sinuous, spiral, or circular course
Synonyms: thread meander wander weave

"the river winds through the hills" "the path meanders through the vineyards" "sometimes, the gout wanders through the entire body"

Related terms: travel snake wander
3. [ verb ] wrap or coil around
Synonyms: wrap roll twine

"roll your hair around your finger" "Twine the thread around the spool"

Related terms: unwind move coil ball spool reel clue roll_up roll_up winder curler winder
4. [ verb ] extend in curves and turns
Synonyms: curve

"The road winds around the lake"

Related terms: be circumvolute spiral snake curvature
5. [ noun ] breath

"the collision knocked the wind out of him"

Related terms: exhalation
6. [ noun ] a tendency or force that influences events

"the winds of change"

Related terms: influence
7. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 19861
8. [ verb ] coil the spring of (some mechanical device) by turning a stem
Synonyms: wind_up

"wind your watch"

Related terms: tighten winder turn
9. [ verb ] raise or haul up with or as if with mechanical help
Synonyms: lift hoist

"hoist the bicycle onto the roof of the car"

Related terms: raise trice hoister lift hoist
10. [ verb ] form into a wreath
Synonyms: wreathe
Related terms: intertwine
11. [ noun ] an indication of potential opportunity
Synonyms: tip confidential_information steer hint lead

"he got a tip on the stock market" "a good lead for a job"

Related terms: guidance hint
12. [ noun ] (music) a musical instrument in which the sound is produced by an enclosed column of air that is moved by the breath
Synonyms: wind_instrument
Related terms: musical_instrument brass bagpipe ocarina kazoo free-reed_instrument pipe organ organ_pipe panpipe woodwind post_horn mouthpiece bell
13. [ verb ] of springs
Synonyms: wind_up
Related terms: tighten turn
14. [ noun ] empty rhetoric or insincere or exaggerated talk; that's a lot of wind"
Synonyms: jazz nothingness idle_words

"don't give me any of that jazz"

Related terms: talk
15. [ verb ] catch the scent of; get wind of
Synonyms: nose scent

"The dog nosed out the drugs"

Related terms: smell sniff_out scent nose
16. [ noun ] (biology,medicine) a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anus
Synonyms: flatus farting breaking_wind fart
Related terms: reflex fart
17. [ noun ] the act of winding or twisting
Synonyms: twist winding

"he put the key in the old clock and gave it a good wind"

Related terms: rotation
Similar spelling:   windy