1. [ verb ] administer or bestow, as in small portions
Synonyms: deal dispense administer allot dole_out deal_out lot dish_out parcel_out shell_out mete_out

"administer critical remarks to everyone present" "dole out some money" "shell out pocket money for the children" "deal a blow to someone"

Related terms: give assign give deal reallot dispenser allotment dispenser deal allocator distributor
2. [ verb ] distribute or disperse widely
Synonyms: spread

"The invaders spread their language all over the country"

Related terms: gather diffuse strew discharge sprawl redistribute generalize export propagate metastasize deploy expand diffuse disperse string_out distribution spreader spread
3. [ verb ] make available

"The publisher wants to distribute the book in Asia"

Related terms: transfer issue reticulate distribution
4. [ verb ] make a gift of
Synonyms: hand_out give_away give_out

"She gave away her antique furniture"

Related terms: give share
5. [ verb ] cause to be distributed
Synonyms: circulate pass_on pass_around

"This letter is circulating among the faculty"

Related terms: move spread send_around utter circular circulation
6. [ verb ] cause to become widely known
Synonyms: disseminate spread circulate diffuse disperse pass_around propagate broadcast circularise circularize

"spread information" "circulate a rumor" "broadcast the news"

Related terms: publicize canvass carry sow popularize bandy_about go_around broadcast dissemination broadcast propagation scatter dispersion dissemination circular spread circulation propagator go_around
7. [ verb ] be distributed or spread, as in statistical analyses

"Values distribute"

Related terms: exist
8. [ verb ] spread throughout a given area

"the function distributes the values evenly"

Related terms: spread
9. [ verb ] be mathematically distributive
Related terms: be
10. [ verb ] arrange the order of so as to increase one's winning chances
Synonyms: stagger stack

"stack the deck of cards"

Related terms: arrange
Similar spelling:   distributer