1. [ noun ] an important question that is in dispute and must be settled

"the issue could be settled by requiring public education for everyone" "politicians never discuss the real issues"

Related terms: content quodlibet
2. [ noun ] (writing) one of a series published periodically
Synonyms: number

"she found an old issue of the magazine in her dentist's waitingroom"

Related terms: periodical edition series
3. [ noun ] the provision of something by issuing it (usually in quantity)
Synonyms: issuance issuing

"a new issue of stamps" "the last issue of penicillin was over a month ago"

Related terms: provision stock_issue
4. [ noun ] some situation or event that is thought about
Synonyms: subject matter topic

"he kept drifting off the topic" "he had been thinking about the subject for several years" "it is a matter for the police"

Related terms: content area res_judicata blind_spot count
5. [ verb ] (news) prepare and issue for public distribution or sale
Synonyms: publish release bring_out put_out

"publish a magazine or newspaper"

Related terms: publicize edit release publication publisher publisher publication issuer publisher
6. [ verb ] circulate or distribute or equip with
Synonyms: supply

"issue a new uniform to the children" "supply blankets for the beds"

Related terms: recall distribute free reissue unblock provision issuer
7. [ verb ] bring out an official document,such as a warrant
Related terms: communicate
8. [ verb ] come out of
Synonyms: emerge come_out come_forth go_forth egress

"Water issued from the hole in the wall" "The words seemed to come out by themselves"

Related terms: come_out radiate escape debouch fall leak exit emergence egress
9. [ noun ] (finance,business) supplies (as food or clothing or ammunition) issued by the government
Synonyms: government_issue military_issue
Related terms: store stores military
10. [ noun ] the immediate descendants of a person
Synonyms: offspring progeny

"she was the mother of many offspring" "he died without issue"

Related terms: relative child baby grandchild firstborn successor bastard
11. [ noun ] a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon
Synonyms: effect result consequence outcome upshot event

"the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise" "his decision had depressing consequences for business" "he acted very wise after the event"

Related terms: phenomenon product change response impact aftermath by-product influence offspring dent aftereffect spillover side_effect coriolis_effect knock-on_effect harvest coattails_effect butterfly_effect domino_effect placebo_effect outgrowth position_effect brisance repercussion bandwagon_effect effect effect eventuate
12. [ verb ] (writing) make out and issue
Synonyms: make_out cut write_out

"write out a check" "cut a ticket" "Please make the check out to me"

Related terms: write check
13. [ noun ] (business) the income arising from land or other property
Synonyms: proceeds takings return yield payoff take

"the average return was about 5%"

Related terms: income economic_rent payback render
14. [ noun ] the becoming visible
Synonyms: emergence egress

"not a day's difference between the emergence of the andrenas and the opening of the willow catkins"

Related terms: beginning dissilience eruption
15. [ noun ] an opening that permits escape or release
Synonyms: way_out exit outlet

"he blocked the way out" "the canyon had only one issue"

Related terms: opening outfall
16. [ noun ] (printing,business) the act of issuing printed materials
Synonyms: publication
Related terms: printing print publish
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