1. [ noun ] something that happens at a given place and time
Related terms: happening Fall social_event group_action miracle makeup migration nonevent might-have-been
2. [ noun ] a special set of circumstances
Synonyms: case

"in that event, the first possibility is excluded" "it may rain in which case the picnic will be canceled"

Related terms: circumstance
3. [ noun ] a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon
Synonyms: effect result consequence outcome upshot issue

"the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise" "his decision had depressing consequences for business" "he acted very wise after the event"

Related terms: phenomenon product change response impact aftermath by-product influence offspring dent aftereffect spillover side_effect coriolis_effect knock-on_effect harvest coattails_effect butterfly_effect domino_effect placebo_effect outgrowth position_effect brisance repercussion bandwagon_effect effect effect eventuate
4. [ noun ] (relativity theory) a phenomenon located at a single point in space-time; the fundamental observational entity in relativity theory
Related terms: physical_phenomenon relativity
Similar spelling:   eventual