1. [ verb ] provide or furnish with
Synonyms: provide furnish render

"We provided the room with an electrical heater" "render assistance"

Related terms: give yield offer match equip extend feed furnish fuel water shelter partner surfeit arm upholster patch subtitle joint pour provision caption causeway stint bewhisker slat terrace date berth border costume glass crenel computerize canal bush brattice wharf railroad tap bed headline machicolate rafter bottom tool key wive hobnail innervate hydrate fret copper-bottom victual theme signalize calk charge cleat coal corbel seat heat pump fuel flood toggle uniform constitutionalize leverage fund rail grate capitalise alphabetize cornice air-condition copperbottom transistorize curtain top reflectorize retrofit ramp seat transistorise reflectorise index sanitate dado tube ticket stock stock rim gate step interleave hat stock stock provision supplier
2. [ noun ] an amount of something available for use
Related terms: indefinite_quantity reservoir provide
3. [ verb ] circulate or distribute or equip with
Synonyms: issue

"issue a new uniform to the children" "supply blankets for the beds"

Related terms: recall distribute free unblock reissue issue provision issue issuer
4. [ noun ] (economics,business) offering goods and services for sale
Related terms: demand economic_process issue
5. [ verb ] provide what is desired or needed, esp. support, food or sustenance
Synonyms: provide cater ply

"The hostess provided lunch for all the guests"

Related terms: give feed meet serve serve feed fix_up staff nourish accommodate power gratify feed regale shower pander cater underlay gutter board drench horse provision caterer provider
6. [ noun ] the activity of supplying or providing something
Synonyms: provision supplying providing
Related terms: activity issue feeding irrigation fueling stocking logistics purveyance health_care_delivery subvention provision bring_home_the_bacon
7. [ verb ] state or say further
Synonyms: add append

`It doesn't matter,' he supplied"

Related terms: state slip_in toss_in
Similar spelling:   supple