1. [ verb ] cause to become widely known
Synonyms: disseminate spread circulate distribute pass_around disperse propagate broadcast circularise circularize

"spread information" "circulate a rumor" "broadcast the news"

Related terms: publicize canvass carry sow popularize bandy_about go_around broadcast dissemination broadcast propagation scatter dispersion dissemination circular spread circulation propagator go_around
2. [ verb ] move outward
Synonyms: spread_out fan_out spread

"The soldiers fanned out"

Related terms: spread grow_over run mantle percolate dispersion spread
3. [ adjective ] spread out; not concentrated in one place

"a large diffuse organization"

Related terms: distributed
4. [ verb ] spread or diffuse through
Synonyms: pervade permeate interpenetrate penetrate imbue

"An atmosphere of distrust has permeated this administration" "music penetrated the entire building"

Related terms: penetrate spiritize permeation dispersion interpenetration
5. [ adjective ] lacking conciseness

"a diffuse historical novel"

Related terms: prolix
Similar spelling:   Dipus