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Definition of alot

"alot" is probably misspelled. Trying allot instead Definition of allot

1. allot [ v ] give out
Examples: "We were assigned new uniforms"

Used in print:

(Grants-in-Aid and Other Financial Assistance...)

Determine the ratio that the amount being allotted is to the sum of the products for all the States .

( Divide the amount being allotted by the result obtained in item 9 above . )

( Each State 's unadjusted allotment for any fiscal_year , which exceeds its minimum allotment described in item 13 below by a percentage greater than one and one-half times the percentage by which the sum being allotted exceeds $ 23000000 , must be reduced by the amount of the excess . )

Funds allotted in_addition to their minimum allotment are apportioned to the two agencies as they may determine .

Synonyms assign allot portion Related Terms distribute allow allocate parcel

2. allot [ v ] allow to have
Examples: "grant a privilege"

Used in print:

(The Atlanta Constitution...)

Before adjournment Monday afternoon , the Senate is expected to approve a study of the number of legislators allotted to rural and urban_areas to determine what adjustments should be made .

Synonyms accord allot grant Related Terms give give privilege enfranchise grant

3. allot [ v ] administer or bestow, as in small portions
Examples: "administer critical remarks to everyone present" "dole out some money" "shell out pocket money for the children" "deal a blow to someone"

Used in print:

(The Miami Herald,...)

They allotted $ 500000 three years ago to support Interama until its own financing could be arranged .

(Newark Evening News...)

The approval of only three members of the board of school estimate is required to certify the amount_of_money to be allotted to the college .

Synonyms distribute deal dispense allot administer dole_out deal_out shell_out dish_out parcel_out lot mete_out Related Terms give assign give deal reallot dispenser allotment dispenser deal allocator distributor

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