1. [ verb ] go together
Synonyms: fit_in agree consort concord harmonise harmonize

"The colors don't harmonize" "Their ideas concorded"

Related terms: match blend match harmony harmony
2. [ verb ] allow to have
Synonyms: allot grant

"grant a privilege"

Related terms: give give privilege enfranchise grant
3. [ noun ] harmony of people's opinions or actions or characters
Synonyms: agreement

"the two parties were in accord"

Related terms: disagreement harmony consensus social_contract community sense_of_the_meeting concurrence unison unanimity agree
4. [ noun ] (law,writing) a written agreement between two states or sovereigns
Synonyms: treaty pact
Related terms: written_agreement convention commercial_treaty SALT_I SALT_II treaty_of_versailles peace north_atlantic_treaty alliance
5. [ noun ] concurrence of opinion
Synonyms: accordance conformity

"we are in accord with your proposal"

Related terms: agreement
6. [ noun ] sympathetic compatibility
Synonyms: rapport
Related terms: compatibility harmonize
Similar spelling:   Acord