1. [ verb ] be in accord; be in agreement
Synonyms: concur hold concord

"We agreed on the terms of the settlement" "I can't agree with you!" "I hold with those you say life is sacred" "Both philosophers concord on this point"

Related terms: disagree arrange arrange concede conclude reconcile subscribe settle see_eye_to_eye harmony agreement
2. [ verb ] consent or assent to a condition, or agree to do something

: "She agreed to all my conditions" "He agreed to leave her alone"

Related terms: accept assent plea-bargain bargain agreement
3. [ verb ] be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics
Synonyms: match correspond fit jibe gibe tally check

"The two stories don't agree in many details" "The handwriting checks with the signature on the check" "The suspect's fingerprints don't match those on the gun"

Related terms: disagree equal resemble harmonize meet accede parallel coincide correlate corroborate befit conform_to align twin look rhyme square pattern consist overlap answer homologize harmonize check agreement match
4. [ verb ] go together
Synonyms: accord fit_in consort concord harmonise harmonize

"The colors don't harmonize" "Their ideas concorded"

Related terms: match blend match harmony harmony
5. [ verb ] be agreeable or suitable

"White wine doesn't agree with me"

Related terms: suit
6. [ verb ] (grammar) show grammatical agreement

"Subjects and verbs must always agree in English"

Related terms: grammar agreement
7. [ verb ] achieve harmony of opinion, feeling, or purpose

"No two of my colleagues would agree on whom to elect chairman"

Related terms: compromise conclude agreement agreement
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