1. [ verb ] keep company with; hang out with
Synonyms: associate assort affiliate

"He associates with strange people" "She affiliates with her colleagues"

Related terms: interact company go_steady ally association
2. [ noun ] a person's partner in marriage
Synonyms: partner spouse mate better_half married_person
Related terms: relative significant_other wife husband polygamist bigamist monogamist newlywed helpmate marriage
3. [ verb ] keep company
Synonyms: run

"the heifers run with the bulls to produce offspring"

Related terms: accompany
4. [ verb ] go together
Synonyms: accord fit_in agree concord harmonise harmonize

"The colors don't harmonize" "Their ideas concorded"

Related terms: match blend match harmony harmony
5. [ noun ] the husband or wife of a reigning monarch
Related terms: spouse francoise_d'aubigne prince_consort
6. [ noun ] (music) a family of similar musical instrument playing together
Synonyms: choir
Related terms: set choir
Similar spelling:   consortium