1. [ noun ] the result of parcelling out or sharing
Synonyms: share portion

"death gets more than its share of attention from theologicans"

Related terms: allotment share
2. [ verb ] divide into parts

"The developers parceled the land"

Related terms: divide tract allotment
3. [ noun ] a wrapped container
Synonyms: package
Related terms: container bundle pack packet
4. [ verb ] make into a parcel
Related terms: wrap package
5. [ noun ] (geography) an extended area of land
Synonyms: tract parcel_of_land piece_of_ground piece_of_land
Related terms: geographical_area site field battlefield park centerfield playing_field range plot park lot rightfield baseball_diamond parade_ground leftfield clearing short subdivision terrain outfield public_square grounds mine_field industrial_park mud_flat picnic_area dump yard field_of_fire grassland fairground midway breeding_ground minefield oasis sector toll_plaza fairway yard
6. [ verb ] cover with canvas, as of rope
Related terms: cover
7. [ noun ] a collection of things wrapped or boxed together
Synonyms: packet bundle package
Related terms: collection wisp pack box
Similar spelling:   Parcell