1. [ noun ] several things grouped together or considered as a whole
Synonyms: accumulation aggregation assemblage
Related terms: group data law set assortment combination class traffic content mass weaponry procession pile package exhibition mythology universe galaxy universe battery library vegetation agglomeration Free_World congregation aviation block batch bunch treasure sum hand job_lot fleet backlog pantheon prosecution statuary wardrobe defense pack menagerie library ana mail biota corpus Wise_Men long_suit treasure_trove petting_zoo signage Victoriana fauna armamentarium rule_book south_america findings nuclear_club crop asia gaap north_america nag_hammadi troponomy Third_World stamp_collection bottle_collection wardrobe pharmacopoeia fleet galaxy fleet kludge gimmickry planting repertory europe repertoire ensemble coin_collection collage rogue's_gallery batch convoy hit_parade Judaica art_collection tenantry central_america string smithereens french_west_indies Oort_cloud assemble
2. [ noun ] request for a sum of money
Synonyms: appeal ingathering solicitation

"an appeal to raise money for starving children"

Related terms: request whip-round
3. [ noun ] (writing) a publication containing a variety of works
Synonyms: compendium
Related terms: publication archives compilation anthology
4. [ noun ] the act of gathering something together
Synonyms: assembling aggregation collecting
Related terms: grouping gather compilation numismatics philately bottle_collection coin_collection pickup collation tax_collection conchology agglomeration gather collect accumulate
Similar spelling:   collect