1. [ verb ] express the need or desire for; ask for
Synonyms: call_for quest bespeak

"She requested an extra bed in her room" "She called for room service"

Related terms: communicate ask reserve call demand ask claim order apply claim invite solicit invite desire petition beg reserve appeal invite reserve challenge ask_out supplicate encore demand excuse invite
2. [ noun ] a formal message requesting something submitted to an authority
Synonyms: petition postulation
Related terms: message application demand solicitation motion petition
3. [ verb ] ask (a person) to do something

: "She asked him to be here at noon" "I requested that she type the entire manuscript"

Related terms: ask order call invite propose
4. [ noun ] the verbal act of requesting
Synonyms: asking
Related terms: speech_act entreaty questioning invitation prayer notification wish trick_or_treat order charge callback call
5. [ verb ] inquire for (information)

"I requested information from the secretary"

Related terms: wonder seek
Similar spelling:   requested