1. [ adjective ] of great significance or value
Synonyms: of_import

"important people" "the important questions of the day"

Related terms: unimportant big distinguished chief cardinal serious all-important all-important arch useful strategic most-valuable measurable most-valuable beta in-chief Copernican consequential alpha historic in-chief burning grave significant valuable essential importance
2. [ adjective ] important in effect or meaning
Synonyms: significant

"a significant change in tax laws" "a significant change in the Constitution" "a significant contribution" "significant details" "statistically significant"

Related terms: insignificant big noteworthy noteworthy large portentous earthshaking evidential fundamental head operative monumental probative epochal meaningful significance
3. [ adjective ] of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis
Synonyms: crucial

"a crucial moment in his career" "a crucial election" "a crucial issue for women"

Related terms: noncrucial critical life-and-death pivotal essential decisive critical
4. [ adjective ] having authority or ascendancy or influence
Synonyms: authoritative

"an important official" "the captain's authoritative manner"

Related terms: influential
5. [ adjective ] having or suggesting a consciousness of high position

"recited the decree with an important air" "took long important strides in the direction of his office"

Related terms: immodest
Similar spelling:   importantly