1. [ adjective ] not large enough to consider or notice
Synonyms: trivial
Related terms: inconsiderable
2. [ adjective ] not worthy of notice
Synonyms: undistinguished
Related terms: unnoticeable
3. [ adjective ] of little importance or influence or power; of minor status
Synonyms: small little peanut

"a minor, insignificant bureaucrat" "peanut politicians"

Related terms: minor
4. [ adjective ] signifying nothing
Synonyms: unmeaning

"insignificant sounds" "his picayune and unmeaning"- R.B. Pearsall

Related terms: meaningless
5. [ adjective ] not important or noteworthy
Synonyms: unimportant
Related terms: significant light inappreciable colorless superficial meaningless unimportant significance
Similar spelling:   insignificantly