1. [ verb ] go or come after and bring or take back
Synonyms: get bring convey

"Get me those books over there, please" "Could you bring the wine?" "The dog fetched the hat"

Related terms: take_away transmit deliver retrieve bring come
2. [ verb ] attract or elicit
Synonyms: attract draw draw_in pull_in pull

"The school attracts students with artistic talents" "His playing drew a crowd" "The painting fetched more than a million at the auction" "The star cast pulled many people to the box office"

Related terms: repel pull tug catch draw_in bring attract curl_up draw_in pull attraction pull attraction drawing_card appear
3. [ verb ] take away or remove

"The devil will fetch you!"

Related terms: bring
4. [ verb ] (business) be sold for a certain price
Synonyms: bring bring_in

"The painting brought $10,000" "The old print fetched a high price at the auction"

Related terms: change_hands
Similar spelling:   fetich