1. [ verb ] remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, taking off, etc.; or remove something abstract
Synonyms: remove take withdraw

"remove a threat" "remove a wrapper" "Remove the dirty dishes from the table" "take the gun from your pocket" "It withdraws heat from the environment"

Related terms: draw dig extract shed unpack take_off draw dislodge withdraw clean scoop wipe_off de-iodinate clear tear_away skim amputate take_out draw_off muck clear knock_out lift strip empty unsaddle discharge aspirate degas aspirate pick leach brush draw wash strip flick strip clear_out unhinge seed dredge bone defang disembowel shell hull shuck clean tusk dehorn crumb scalp enucleate chip_away lift string enucleate exenterate unburden tip harvest burl ream desorb pull demineralise eliminate winnow defuse ablate wear_away extirpate stem decorticate strip scale circumcise undock shell excavate hypophysectomize scavenge clean resect unstring weed shuck unveil leach bail_out condense husk lift unsling bur clean pit delete ladle spoon gut clear_off de-ionate unbrace depilate decarbonize delouse strip head bail detoxify decalcify subtract removal withdrawal
2. [ verb ] remove from a certain place, environment, or mental or emotional state; transport into a new location or state
Synonyms: carry_away bear_away carry_off bear_off

"The car carried us off to the meeting" "I'll take you away on a holiday" "I got carried away"

Related terms: bring remove whisk_off spirit_away spirit_away leave
3. [ verb ] take out or remove
Synonyms: take_out

"take out the chicken after adding the vegetables"

Related terms: add remove cross_off kill cart_off erase bus
4. [ verb ] take from a person or place

"We took the abused child away from its parents"

Related terms: take
5. [ verb ] get rid of something abstract
Synonyms: remove

"The death of her mother removed the last obstacle to their marriage" "God takes away your sins"

Related terms: wash_away
6. [ verb ] (food) buy and consume food from a restaurant or establishment that sells prepared food
Synonyms: take_out

"We'll take out pizza, since I am too tired to cook"

Related terms: eat takeout
7. [ verb ] take away a part from; diminish
Synonyms: detract

"His bad manners detract from his good character"

Related terms: reduce detraction
Similar spelling:   takeaway