1. [ verb ] pull inward or towards a center
Synonyms: retract

"The pilot drew in the landing gear" "The cat retracted his claws"

Related terms: attract attract invaginate attract retraction
2. [ verb ] remove as if by suction
Synonyms: suck_in aspirate

"draw in air"

Related terms: remove suck_in
3. [ verb ] direct toward itself or oneself
Synonyms: attract pull pull_in

"Her good looks attract the stares of many men" "The ad pulled in many potential customers" "This pianist pulls huge crowds" "The store owner was happy that the ad drew in many new customers"

Related terms: repel pull tug catch attract curl_up
4. [ verb ] remove body fluids such as blood
Synonyms: suck_in aspirate
Related terms: remove suck_in
5. [ verb ] advance or converge on
Synonyms: close_in

"The police were closing in on him"

Related terms: advance pull_in
6. [ verb ] shape one's body into a curl
Synonyms: curl curl_up

"She curled farther down under the covers" "She fell and drew in"

Related terms: bend attract attract coil
7. [ verb ] attract or elicit
Synonyms: attract draw fetch pull_in pull

"The school attracts students with artistic talents" "His playing drew a crowd" "The painting fetched more than a million at the auction" "The star cast pulled many people to the box office"

Related terms: repel pull tug catch bring attract curl_up pull attraction pull attraction drawing_card appear
8. [ verb ] move into (a station) of trains
Synonyms: get_in move_in pull_in

"The bullet train drew into Tokyo Station"

Related terms: pull_out arrive close_in
9. [ verb ] draw something in by or as if by a vacuum
Synonyms: suck

"Mud was sucking at her feet"

Related terms: draw sucking
10. [ verb ] draw in as if by suction
Synonyms: suck_in

"suck in your cheeks and stomach"

Related terms: hollow aspirate aspirate
Similar spelling:   draw_on