1. [ noun ] (nautical,transportation) a vessel that carries passengers or freight
Related terms: vessel steamer school_ship hulk Mayflower shipwreck troopship hospital_ship icebreaker nuclear-powered_ship liner wreck treasure_ship minesweeper tender three-decker transport_ship bounty abandoned_ship blockade-runner warship passenger_ship minelayer pirate cargo_ship sister_ship flagship spaceship small_ship gas-turbine_ship whaler slave_ship lightship Flying_Dutchman fleet deck stern helm bilge_well funnel spar galley superstructure gyrostabilizer topside top winch bulwarks bulkhead skeleton crow's_nest davit lubber's_hole porthole ratline bay cargo_area ridge_rope riding_bitt fin screw sheet sea_anchor skeleton forecastle bilge_pump log lurch port drift planking funnel bollard brig retired in_service beam foundering destabilization log harborage leeway magnetic_mine auxiliary_boiler clinker-built carvel-built auxiliary_engine broken-backed engineering trim belaying_pin messmate sickbay leaking astern embark
2. [ verb ] (transportation) transport commercially
Synonyms: send transport
Related terms: move dispatch forward railroad barge dispatch forward cargo transportation shipper
3. [ verb ] (nautical,work) hire for work on a ship
Related terms: hire
4. [ verb ] place on board a ship

"ship the cargo in the hold of the vessel"

Related terms: situate reship
5. [ verb ] (transportation) go on board
Synonyms: embark
Related terms: disembark board emplane
6. [ verb ] (nautical,transportation) travel by ship
Related terms: travel
Similar spelling:   Shipp