1. [ adverb ] at or to or toward the front
Synonyms: frontward frontwards forrad forrard forwards

"he faced forward" "step forward" "she practiced sewing backward as well as frontward on her new sewing machine" (`forrad' and `forrard' are dialectal variations)

Related terms: back dialect
2. [ adjective ] at or near or directed toward the front

"the forward section of the aircraft" "a forward plunge down the stairs" "forward motion"

Related terms: backward guardant headfirst full-face progressive fore
3. [ adverb ] forward in time or order or degree
Synonyms: forth onward

"from that time forth" "from the sixth century onward"

4. [ adverb ] in a forward direction
Synonyms: ahead forwards onwards forrader onward

"go ahead" "the train moved ahead slowly" "the boat lurched ahead" "moved onward into the forest" "they went slowly forward in the mud"

5. [ adverb ] toward the future; forward in time
Synonyms: ahead

"I like to look ahead in imagination to what the future may bring" "I look forward to seeing you"

Related terms: back back
6. [ verb ] (transportation) send or ship onward from an intermediate post or station in transit
Synonyms: send_on

"forward my mail"

Related terms: transport forwarding
7. [ adjective ] moving toward a position ahead
Synonyms: onward

"forward motion" "the onward course of events"

Related terms: advancing
8. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 16944
9. [ adjective ] situated at or toward the front

"the fore cabins" "the forward part of the ship"

Related terms: fore
10. [ adjective ] used of temperament or behavior; lacking restraint or modesty

"a forward child badly in need of discipline"

Related terms: backward fresh fresh brash assumptive familiar bumptious bold
11. [ adjective ] moving forward
Synonyms: forward-moving advancing
Related terms: progressive
12. [ adjective ] situated in the front

"the forward section of the aircraft"

Related terms: front
13. [ noun ] (sport,basketball) the person who plays the position of forward on a basketball team
Related terms: basketball_player dr._j
14. [ adverb ] (nautical) near or toward the bow of a ship or cockpit of a plane
Synonyms: fore

"the captain went fore (or forward) to check the instruments"

Related terms: aft
15. [ adjective ] of the transmission gear causing forward movement in a motor vehicle

"in a forward gear"

Related terms: reverse second first
16. [ noun ] (sport,basketball) a position on a basketball team
Related terms: position basketball_team
Similar spelling:   forwards