1. [ noun ] (geography) an indentation of a shoreline larger than a cove but smaller than an gulf
Related terms: body_of_water New_York_Bay Biscayne_Bay Sea_of_Azov bight Bay_of_Fundy San_Diego_Bay Chesapeake_Bay Delaware_Bay Bay_of_Campeche Mobile_Bay Bay_of_Bengal penobscot_bay tampa_bay hangzhou_bay San_Francisco_Bay abukir andaman_sea cape_cod_bay galveston_bay galway_bay james_bay massachusetts_bay minamata_bay monterey_bay osaka_bay Narragansett_Bay buzzards_bay bay_of_naples Bay_of_Biscay Prudhoe_Bay korea_bay moreton_bay bight sea
2. [ noun ] the sound of a hound on the scent
Related terms: cry
3. [ verb ] utter in deep prolonged tones
Related terms: talk
4. [ noun ] (nautical) a compartment on a ship between decks; often used as a hospital

"they put him in the sick bay"

Related terms: compartment ship
5. [ adjective ] (used of animals especially a horse) of a moderate reddish-brown color
Related terms: colored
6. [ noun ] a small recess opening off a larger room
Synonyms: alcove
Related terms: recess carrel
7. [ verb ] bark with prolonged noises, of dogs
Synonyms: quest
Related terms: bark
8. [ noun ] (botany) small Mediterranean evergreen tree with small blackish berries and glossy aromatic leaves used for flavoring in cooking; also used by ancient Greeks to crown victors
Synonyms: bay_laurel bay_tree Laurus_nobilis true_laurel
Related terms: laurel Laurus bay_leaf
9. [ noun ] a compartment in an aircraft used for some specific purpose

"he opened the bomb bay"

Related terms: compartment aircraft
10. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 5170
11. [ noun ] (zoology) a horse of a moderate reddish-brown color
Related terms: horse
Similar spelling:   baya