1. [ verb ] make sharp or sharper

"We had to sharpen our arguments"

Related terms: intensify
2. [ verb ] become sharp or sharper

"The debate sharpened"

Related terms: intensify
3. [ verb ] make sharp or sharper

"sharpen the knives"

Related terms: dull change strop whet hone strap edge sharpener
4. [ verb ] put into focus; as of an image on a screen
Synonyms: focalise focalize focus

"Please focus the image we cannot enjoy the movie"

Related terms: blur adjust pin_down refocus focus_on focus focalization focus
5. [ verb ] make sharp or sharper of images and sounds
Related terms: soften change_intensity focus
6. [ verb ] give a point to
Synonyms: point taper

"The candles are tapered"

Related terms: change_shape acuminate taper_off taper_off point taper taper
7. [ verb ] (music) raise the pitch of (musical notes)
Related terms: flatten change music
8. [ verb ] make more acute; as of one's senses
Synonyms: heighten

"This drug will sharpen your vision"

Related terms: intensify subtilize
Similar spelling:   sharpener