1. [ verb ] make soft or softer; of images and sounds
Related terms: sharpen change_intensity muffle
2. [ verb ] lessen in force or effect
Synonyms: break damp weaken dampen

"soften a shock" "break a fall"

Related terms: deaden damp deafen weakener
3. [ verb ] make less severe or harsh
Synonyms: mince moderate

"He moderated his tone when the students burst out in tears"

Related terms: change moderation
4. [ verb ] protect from impact
Synonyms: cushion buffer

"cushion the blow"

Related terms: modify buffer
5. [ verb ] make soft or softer

"This liquid will soften your laundry"

Related terms: harden change macerate mollify mellow
6. [ verb ] give in, as to influence or pressure
Synonyms: relent yield
Related terms: stand truckle
7. [ verb ] become soft or softer

"The bread will soften if you pour some liquid on it"

Related terms: harden change mellow macerate mellow softening
Similar spelling:   softener