1. [ noun ] the boundary of a surface
Synonyms: border
Related terms: boundary brink limb bound border
2. [ noun ] a line determining the limits of an area
Synonyms: boundary bound
Related terms: line periphery margin frontier rim brink thalweg lower_bound upper_bound bound
3. [ noun ] a sharp side formed by the intersection of two surfaces of an object

"he rounded the edges of the box"

Related terms: side curb brim leading_edge deckle_edge bezel trailing_edge milling razor_edge knife_edge featheredge bevel
4. [ verb ] advance slowly, as if by inches
Synonyms: inch

"He edged towards the car"

Related terms: advance edge_in inch
5. [ noun ] the attribute of urgency
Synonyms: sharpness

"his voice had an edge to it"

Related terms: urgency
6. [ noun ] a slight competitive advantage

"he had an edge on the competition"

Related terms: superiority
7. [ noun ] a strip near the boundary of an object
Synonyms: margin

"he jotted a note on the margin of the page"

Related terms: strip wayside shoulder molding selvage border
8. [ verb ] provide with an edge

"edge a blade"

Related terms: sharpen
9. [ adjective ] at or constituting a border or edge
Synonyms: marginal fringe fringy

"the marginal strip of beach"

Related terms: peripheral
10. [ verb ] provide with a border or edge
Synonyms: border

"edge the tablecloth with embroidery"

Related terms: supply edger
11. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 3010
12. [ verb ] lie adjacent to another or share a boundary
Synonyms: butt adjoin butt_against abut butt_on march border

"Canada adjoins the U.S." "England marches with Scotland"

Related terms: touch neighbor boundary_line boundary abutter butt_joint edging
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