1. [ verb ] move over something with pressure

"rub my back" "rub oil into her skin"

Related terms: guide wipe brush scrub scrape sponge_down puree scour smear rosin grate worry gauge massage erase abrade abrade touch
2. [ verb ] cause friction
Synonyms: scratch fret chafe fray

"my sweater scratches"

Related terms: touch abrasion
3. [ noun ] an unforeseen obstacle
Synonyms: hitch snag hang-up
Related terms: obstacle
4. [ verb ] scrape or rub as if to relieve itching
Synonyms: itch scratch

"Don't scratch your insect bites!"

Related terms: irritate itch scratcher
5. [ noun ] the act of rubbing or wiping
Synonyms: wipe

"he gave the hood a quick rub"

Related terms: contact scuff rubdown wipe
Similar spelling:   Rueb