1. [ verb ] (transportation) direct the course; determine the direction of travelling
Synonyms: point maneuver steer head channelize manoeuvre direct manoeuver channelise manouevre
Related terms: control park navigate stand_out navigate channel dock corner starboard sheer pull_over conn crab driving maneuver head guidance bearing maneuverer forefront helmsman steering
2. [ verb ] take somebody somewhere
Synonyms: take lead direct conduct

"We lead him to our chief" "can you take me to the main entrance?" "He conducted us to the palace"

Related terms: mislead usher beacon hand leader usher
3. [ verb ] be a guiding force, as with directions or advice
Synonyms: steer

"The teacher steered the gifted students towards the more challenging courses"

Related terms: direct guidance tip
4. [ noun ] a model or standard for making comparisons
Synonyms: templet template
Related terms: model rhythm
5. [ noun ] (work) someone employed to conduct others
Synonyms: usher
Related terms: escort usherette lead
6. [ noun ] (writing) something that offers basic information or instruction
Synonyms: guidebook
Related terms: handbook field_guide travel_guidebook roadbook
7. [ noun ] someone who shows the way by leading or advising
Related terms: leader tour_guide cicerone
8. [ verb ] use as a guide
Synonyms: guide_on

"They had the lights to guide on"

Related terms: orient
9. [ verb ] guide or pass over something;
Synonyms: pass run draw

"He ran his eyes over her body" "She ran her fingers along the carved figurine" "He drew her hair through his fingers"

Related terms: rub thread thread wipe circulate go_around string run
10. [ noun ] someone who can find paths through unexplored territory
Synonyms: pathfinder scout
Related terms: expert trailblazer hunting_guide
Similar spelling:   Guido