1. [ adjective ] (color) similar to the natural color of pinks
Synonyms: pinkish
Related terms: chromatic
2. [ noun ] (color) a light shade of red
Related terms: chromatic_color coral solferino yellowish_pink carnation rose pinkify
3. [ verb ] make light, repeated taps on a surface
Synonyms: rap knock tap

"he was tapping his fingers on the table impatiently"

Related terms: go pat tapping knock tap
4. [ verb ] cut in a zig-zag pattern with pinking shears, in sewing
Related terms: cut
5. [ verb ] sound like a car engine that is firing too early
Synonyms: knock ping

"the car pinged when I put in low-octane gasoline" "The car pinked when the ignition was too far retarded"

Related terms: go knock
6. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 8703
7. [ noun ] (botany) any of various flowers of plants of the genus Dianthus cultivated for their fragrant flowers
Synonyms: garden_pink
Related terms: flower carnation button_pink china_pink maiden_pink cheddar_pink sweet_William cottage_pink fringed_pink Dianthus
Similar spelling:   pinky