1. [ adjective ] (music) based on a scale consisting of 12 semitones

"a chromatic scale"

Related terms: diatonic music
2. [ adjective ] able to refract light without spectral color separation

"chromatic lens"

Related terms: color
3. [ adjective ] (color) being or having or characterized by hue
Synonyms: colored
Related terms: achromatic blue red brown green xanthous yellow pink purple orange aureate amber lavender olive honey yellow-green mauve maroon blushful earthlike chestnut rose azure sapphire creamy bronze dun khaki tawny rust hazel sorrel straw mousy brownish-red vermilion chinese-red ultramarine umber magenta fuscous chartreuse moss_green mosslike carnation vinaceous ocher avocado amethyst olive-drab olive-brown coral coppery pea-green peacock-blue powder_blue cress_green bottle-green rose-red blue-green russet sage fuscous buff sea-green snuff canary stone jade tangerine tan tannish auburn caramel blae beige colored chestnut hue
Similar spelling:   chromatinic