1. [ noun ] (botany) a plant cultivated for its blooms or blossoms
Related terms: angiosperm Malcolm_stock stock verbena peony poppy universe wallflower snapdragon gentian daisy orchid columbine wallflower lychnis baby's_breath western_wall_flower sandwort sandwort rocket_larkspur sweet_alyssum silene soapwort cowherb fig_marigold nigella delphinium pheasant's-eye sowbread ageratum cosmos prairie_rocket cape_marigold prairie_rocket cotton_rose heliophila damask_violet candytuft cineraria coneflower Virginian_stock painted_daisy schizopetalon xeranthemum corydalis horn_poppy composite sweet_sultan ammobium scarlet_musk_flower globe_amaranth African_daisy blue-eyed_African_daisy umbrellawort aster lace-flower_vine four_o'clock calla_lily spathiphyllum Swan_River_daisy calendula portulaca China_aster brass_buttons billy_buttons dahlia catananche coneflower blue_daisy kingfisher_daisy Carolina_spring_beauty gazania African_daisy sunflower tidytips oxeye_daisy Texas_star African_daisy sandwort florest's_cineraria cornflower white-topped_aster stokes'_aster marigold sweet_sultan Mexican_sunflower Easter_daisy ursinia spring_beauty zinnia blazing_star bartonia chrysanthemum cyclamen Virginia_spring_beauty shortia centaury pink begonia wandflower coral_drops Christmas_bells bellwort tuberose commelina scabious woodland_star achimenes rue_anemone African_violet streptocarpus scorpionweed anemone calceolaria gerardia toadflax veronica bush_violet petunia butterfly_flower lesser_celandine valerian red_valerian bloomer mistflower bloom
2. [ noun ] (botany) reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts
Synonyms: blossom bloom
Related terms: reproductive_structure bud chrysanthemum floret ray_flower apetalous_flower inflorescence angiosperm stamen ovary carpel perianth floral_leaf pistil bloom
3. [ verb ] (botany) produce or yield flowers
Synonyms: bloom blossom

"The cherry tree bloomed"

Related terms: develop develop effloresce blooming
4. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 6083
5. [ noun ] the period of greatest prosperity or productivity
Synonyms: heyday peak flush blossom bloom efflorescence prime
Related terms: time_period golden_age blossom
Similar spelling:   flowery