1. [ noun ] (government,geography) a town in north central Louisiana
Related terms: town Louisiana
2. [ noun ] (government,geography) a town of southeast Michigan on Lake Erie
Related terms: town Michigan
3. [ noun ] (film,performing arts) United States film actress noted for sex appeal (1926-1962)
Synonyms: norma_jean_baker marilyn_monroe
Related terms: actress
4. [ noun ] Man's first name, popularity rank in the U.S. is 766
5. [ noun ] Last name, frequency rank in the U.S. is 523
6. [ noun ] (politics) 5th President of the United States; author of the "Monroe Doctrine" (1758-1831)
Synonyms: president_monroe James_Monroe
Related terms: President_of_the_United_States
Similar spelling:   Monroy