1. [ noun ] (government,geography) a midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region
Synonyms: Great_Lakes_State mi Wolverine_State
Related terms: American_state Midwest Detroit alpena Lansing Ann_Arbor lower_peninsula flint grand_rapids houghton marquette jackson traverse_city monroe isle_royal_national_park upper_peninsula detroit_river lake_saint_clair Mackinac_Bridge
2. [ noun ] (geography) the 3rd largest of the Great Lakes; the largest fresh-water lake entirely within the United States borders
Synonyms: Lake_Michigan
Related terms: lake Great_Lakes
3. [ noun ] (cards,games) a gambling card game in which chips are placed on the ace and king and queen and jack of separate suits (taken from a separate deck); a player plays the lowest card of a suit in his hand and successively higher cards are played until the sequence stops
Synonyms: Newmarket boodle stops Chicago
Related terms: card_game
Similar spelling:   Michigander