mistake is the dictionary form of mistaken Definition of mistake
1. [ noun ] a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention
Synonyms: error fault

"he made a bad mistake" "she was quick to point out my errors" "I could understand his English in spite of his grammatical faults"

Related terms: nonaccomplishment oversight omission blunder miscalculation stupidity slip ballup confusion incursion distortion blot footfault revoke blame
2. [ verb ] identify incorrectly
Synonyms: misidentify

"Don't mistake her for her twin sister"

Related terms: identify misinterpretation
3. [ noun ] an understanding of something that is not correct
Synonyms: misapprehension misunderstanding

"he wasn't going to admit his mistake" "make no mistake about his intentions" "there must be some misunderstanding--I don't have a sister"

Related terms: misconception misconstrue
4. [ verb ] mistake one thing for another
Synonyms: confuse confound

"you are confusing me with the other candidate" "I mistook her for the secretary"

Related terms: interpret confuse jumble confuse
5. [ noun ] part of a statement that is not correct
Synonyms: error

"the book was full of errors"

Related terms: misstatement corrigendum misprint err
6. [ verb ] to make a mistake or be incorrect
Synonyms: err slip
Related terms: misjudge stumble misremember fall_for stumble erroneousness slip errancy
Similar spelling:   mistake