1. [ noun ] (mathematics) a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
Synonyms: math maths
Related terms: science pure_mathematics applied_mathematics function calculate operator space plane set diagonalizable commute analytic formula proof equation field closed symmetry continuous dividable linear arithmetic prove geometry invariant extrapolation reduce monotonic accuracy open interpolate asymmetry trig nonnegative positive discontinuous extract group_theory converge negative diverge disjoint truncate commutative idempotent recursive_definition noninterchangeable osculate arithmetic_progression geometric_progression inverse direct diagonal mathematical_relation scalene differential isometric undividable integrate differentiate truncation_error rational irrational rationalization prime bivariate algebra calculus set_theory subgroup mathematical topology metamathematics combinatorial transitivity reflexivity translation mathematical_statement multiplicative_inverse boundary_condition factorization representable rationalise interpolation recursion harmonic_progression rule mathematician nonlinear series transformation affine_transformation fractal parity nonmonotonic geodesic upper_bound lower_bound ray metric reflection rotation eliminate mathematical_process develop additive_inverse rounding osculation science
Similar spelling:   mathematical