1. [ verb ] become bigger or greater in amount

"The amount of work increased"

Related terms: decrease change_magnitude add grow wax widen intensify swell accumulate gain shoot_up intensify accrue broaden snowball appreciate wax crescendo spike explode pyramid add_to pullulate snowball addition
2. [ verb ] make bigger or more

"The boss finally increased her salary" "The university increased the number of students it admitted"

Related terms: decrease change raise widen augment multiply build_up enlarge build_up boost heighten inflate escalate maximize blow_up rev_up up boost lengthen heighten rev regenerate snowball kite build_up extend addition
3. [ noun ] a quantity that is added
Synonyms: gain addition

"there was an addition to property taxes this year" "they recorded the cattle's gain in weight over a period of weeks"

Related terms: indefinite_quantity accretion
4. [ noun ] a change resulting in an increase

"the increase is scheduled for next month"

Related terms: decrease change concentration waxing jump run-up explosion augmentation
5. [ noun ] a process of becoming larger or more numerous or more important
Synonyms: growth increment

"the increase in unemployment" "the growth of population"

Related terms: decrease decrease process accretion accretion widening pullulation accretion accretion proliferation relaxation population_growth multiplication accession grow
6. [ noun ] the amount by which something increases
Synonyms: increment

"they proposed an increase of 15 percent in the fare"

Related terms: decrease amount supplement raise amplification rise complement price_increase up-tick fare_increase tax-increase
7. [ noun ] the act of increasing something
Synonyms: step-up

"he gave me an increase in salary"

Related terms: decrease change_of_magnitude expansion escalation addition intensification surge appreciation accumulation exaggeration split strengthening fortification maximization advance expansion inclusion intensification aggrandizement amplification augmentation escalate
Similar spelling:   increased