1. [ noun ] (chemistry) the strength of a solution; number of molecules of a substance in a given volume (expressed as moles/cubic meter)
Related terms: measure property molality titer M hydrogen_ion_concentration concentrate
2. [ noun ] the spatial property of being crowded together
Synonyms: density compactness denseness
Related terms: distribution spacing bits_per_inch flux_density concentrate
3. [ noun ] (military) strengthening the concentration (as of a solute in a mixture) by removing extraneous material
Related terms: dilution strengthening fortification pervaporation concentrate condense reduce
4. [ noun ] increase in density
Related terms: increase compaction rarefaction boil_down
5. [ noun ] complete attention; intense mental effort
Synonyms: absorption immersion engrossment
Related terms: attention study focus specialism absorb concentrate steep
6. [ noun ] (military) bringing together military forces
Related terms: assembly concentrate
7. [ noun ] great and constant diligence and attention
Synonyms: assiduity assiduousness
Related terms: diligence intentness singleness concentrate
Similar spelling:   concentrate_on