1. [ verb ] cause to explode
Synonyms: explode detonate set_off

"We exploded the nuclear bomb"

Related terms: change_integrity dynamite fulminate explosion explosion detonator explode
2. [ verb ] make large
Synonyms: enlarge magnify

"blow up an image"

Related terms: reduce increase photography magnifier enlargement
3. [ verb ] exaggerate or make bigger
Synonyms: expand inflate amplify

"The charges were inflated"

Related terms: increase puff_up
4. [ verb ] fill with gas or air
Synonyms: inflate

"inflate a balloons"

Related terms: deflate expand billow reflate inflation
5. [ verb ] add details to
Synonyms: pad embellish dramatize aggrandise aggrandize dramatise lard embroider
Related terms: overstate glorify drama embellishment
6. [ verb ] get very angry and fly into a rage
Synonyms: blow_a_fuse blow_one's_stack combust flip_one's_lid flip_one's_wig fly_off_the_handle go_ballistic have_a_fit have_kittens hit_the_ceiling hit_the_roof lose_one's_temper throw_a_fit

"The professor combusted when the student didn't know the answer to a very elementary question" "Spam makes me go ballistic"

Related terms: rage effusion
7. [ verb ] to swell or cause to enlarge, "Her faced puffed up from the drugs"
Synonyms: puff_up puff_out puff
Related terms: swell puffer
Similar spelling:   blowup