1. [ noun ] a group of persons together in one place
Synonyms: assemblage
Related terms: social_group body community audience crowd meeting class cast camp pair multitude crowd bevy rally cortege carload quartet class commune contingent convocation assembly rap_group muster trio table municipality turnout room building social_gathering fair sextet quintet quorum covey octet rave-up septet wine_tasing floor wine_tasting meet assemble
2. [ noun ] the social act of assembling
Synonyms: assemblage assembly

"they demanded the right of assembly"

Related terms: dismantling group_action meeting concentration mobilization congregation convocation convention meet assemble
3. [ adjective ] accumulating and becoming more intense
Synonyms: thickening deepening

"the deepening gloom" "felt a deepening love" "the gathering darkness" "the thickening dusk"

Related terms: intensifying
4. [ noun ] the act of gathering something
Synonyms: gather
Related terms: collection harvest centralisation accumulate
5. [ noun ] sewing consisting of small folds or puckers made by pulling tight a thread in a line of stitching
Synonyms: gather
Related terms: sewing gather
Similar spelling:   gather_in