1. [ noun ] (law,criminal law) someone who has committed (or been legally convicted of) a crime
Synonyms: crook felon outlaw malefactor
Related terms: wrongdoer murderer thief kidnapper traitor racketeer gangster smuggler blackmailer bootlegger raper briber hood conspirator accessory probationer pusher fugitive recidivist scofflaw highbinder desperado mafioso violator billie_the_kid moll highjacker james arsonist macgregor outlaw
2. [ adjective ] (criminal law) relating to crime or its punishment

"criminal court"

Related terms: crime
3. [ adjective ] bringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure
Synonyms: reprehensible deplorable condemnable

"a criminal waste of talent" "a deplorable act of violence" "adultery is as reprehensible for a husband as for a wife"

Related terms: wrong
4. [ adjective ] (criminal law) guilty of crime or serious offense

"criminal in the sight of God and man"

Related terms: guilty
5. [ adjective ] (law) involving or being or having the nature of a crime
Synonyms: felonious

"a criminal offense" "criminal abuse" "felonious intent"

Related terms: illegal
Similar spelling:   criminally