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Definition of comunicate

"comunicate" is probably misspelled. Trying communicate instead Definition of communicate

1. communicate [ v ] transmit information
Examples: "Please communicate this message to all employees"

Used in print:

(Schubert Ogden, Christ Without Myth....)

Nor is it necessary to look_for such evidence in the great urban_centers of our culture that are admittedly almost entirely secularized and so profoundly estranged from the conventional forms in which the gospel has been communicated .

(Howard Nemerov, "Themes and Methods: The Early...)

By the same means he perceives this fact as having communicated itself to the audience ; he collapses , and dies .

(Max F. Millikan and Donald L. M. Blackmer,...)

It should attempt to communicate both an appreciation of professional standards and an understanding of the tremendous powers and potentialities of genuinely open and pluralistic societies .

Synonyms communicate pass put_across pass_on Related Terms convey request reveal acknowledge relay render get_across carry message message send_a_message plant communication communication communicator

2. communicate [ v ] transmit thoughts or feelings
Examples: "He communicated his anxieties to the psychiatrist"

Used in print:

(Max F. Millikan and Donald L. M. Blackmer,...)

The United_States can help by communicating a genuine concern with the problems these countries face and a readiness to provide technical and other appropriate forms of assistance where possible .

We have every obligation to take seriously their claims to being democratic and free countries ; we also have , in consequence , the duty to appraise realistically and honestly their performance and to communicate our judgments to their leaders in frank but friendly ways .

Synonyms communicate intercommunicate Related Terms interact ask talk write talk give inform give speak reach address carry nod issue write convey inflict project give gesticulate greet sign get grimace radio joke whistle commune come_across share sign telecommunicate fingerspell aphorize telepathize network semaphore riddle communication intercommunication communicator

3. communicate [ v ] administer communion; in church

Synonyms communicate Related Terms excommunicate covenant commune

4. communicate [ v ] join or connect
Examples: "The rooms communicated"

Synonyms communicate Related Terms intercommunicate communication

5. communicate [ v ] transfer to another
Examples: "communicate a disease"

Synonyms transmit communicate convey Related Terms transfer communication

6. communicate [ v ] be in verbal contact; interchange information or ideas
Examples: "He and his sons haven't communicated for years" Do you communicate well with your advisor?"

Synonyms communicate Related Terms interact message communication

7. communicate [ v ] receive Communion, in the Catholic church

Synonyms communicate commune Related Terms covenant communication

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