1. [ verb ] feel concern or interest

"I really care about my work" "I don't care"

Related terms: feel_for care_for
2. [ noun ] the work of caring for or attending to someone or something
Synonyms: attention tending aid

"no medical care was required" "the old car needed constant attention"

Related terms: work treatment first_aid incubation nursing nurturance manicure livery pet_sitting pedicure dental_care hair_care skin_care tender_loving_care nourishment personal_care tree_surgery maternalism faith_healing health_care babysitting tend
3. [ verb ] provide care for
Synonyms: give_care

"The nurse was caring for the wounded"

Related terms: help attend mother nurse dry-nurse
4. [ verb ] prefer or wish to do something
Synonyms: like wish

"Do you care to try this dish?" "Would you like to come along to the movies?"

Related terms: desire please wish
5. [ noun ] judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger
Synonyms: caution precaution forethought

"he exercised caution in opening the door" "he handled the vase with care"

Related terms: judiciousness
6. [ verb ] be in charge of, act on, or dispose of
Synonyms: handle manage deal

"I can deal with this crew of workers" "This blender can't handle nuts" "She managed her parents' affairs after they got too old"

Related terms: control process conduct administer take_care direct organize come_to_grips coordinate touch dispose_of mismanage work juggle management handler
7. [ noun ] a cause for feeling concern

"his major care was the illness of his wife"

Related terms: predicament
8. [ noun ] an anxious feeling
Synonyms: concern fear

"care had aged him" "they hushed it up out of fear of public reaction"

Related terms: anxiety concern fear
9. [ verb ] be concerned with
Synonyms: worry

"I worry about my grades"

Related terms: mind brood concern concern
10. [ noun ] attention and management implying responsibility for safety
Synonyms: charge guardianship tutelage

"he is under the care of a physician"

Related terms: protection providence great_care slight_care due_care foster_care tutor
11. [ noun ] activity involved in maintaining something in good working order
Synonyms: maintenance upkeep

"he wrote the manual on car care"

Related terms: repair overhaul pump_priming camera_care scheduled_maintenance steam_fitting car_care save
Similar spelling:   Carey