1. [ verb ] come into existence; take on form or shape
Synonyms: develop originate spring_up grow rise uprise

"A new religious movement originated in that country" "a love that sprang up from friendship," "the idea for the book grew out of a short story" "An interesting phenomenon uprose"

Related terms: become come well_up come_forth resurge head develop initiation emergence
2. [ verb ] originate or come into being
Synonyms: come_up bob_up

"a question arose"

Related terms: become
3. [ verb ] rise to one's feet
Synonyms: stand_up rise get_up uprise

"The audience got up and applauded"

Related terms: sit_down lie_down change_posture bristle take_the_floor rise
4. [ verb ] occur
Synonyms: come_up

"A slight unpleasantness arose from this discussion"

Related terms: anticipate happen open come_up condense
5. [ verb ] move upward
Synonyms: rise go_up move_up come_up lift uprise

"The fog lifted" "The smoke arose from the forest fire" "The mist uprose from the meadows"

Related terms: descend travel climb soar go_up chandelle rise scend steam rocket uplift surface elevation rise
6. [ verb ] take part in a rebellion; renounce a former allegiance
Synonyms: rebel rise rise_up
Related terms: protest revolt mutiny rebellion
7. [ verb ] get up and out of bed
Synonyms: get_up rise uprise turn_out

"I get up at 7 A.M. every day" "They rose early" "He uprose at night"

Related terms: go_to_bed go_to_bed rise riser
Similar spelling:   arse