1. [ verb ] refuse to accept or acknowledge

"I reject the idea of starting a war" "The journal rejected the student's paper"

Related terms: accept judge dismiss renounce disbelieve reprobate repudiate recuse rejection
2. [ verb ] refuse to accept
Synonyms: refuse turn_down decline pass_up

"He refused my offer of hospitality"

Related terms: accept dishonor bounce refusal nonacceptance
3. [ verb ] refuse to approve
Synonyms: disapprove

"I disapprove of her child rearing methods"

Related terms: approve judge object deter deprecate rejection
4. [ verb ] reject with contempt
Synonyms: spurn disdain scorn pooh-pooh turn_down freeze_off

"She spurned his advances"

Related terms: refuse rebuff refuse spurner scorner cull
5. [ verb ] resist immunologically the introduction of some foreign tissue or organ
Synonyms: resist refuse

"His body rejected the liver of the donor"

Related terms: react
6. [ verb ] dismiss from consideration
Synonyms: eliminate rule_out

"John was ruled out as a possible suspect because he had a strong alibi" "This possibility can be eliminated from our consideration"

7. [ verb ] refuse entrance or membership
Synonyms: turn_away refuse turn_down

"They turned away hundreds of fans" "Black people were often rejected by country clubs"

Related terms: admit refusal nonacceptance
8. [ noun ] (psychology) the person or thing rejected or set aside as inferior in quality
Synonyms: cull
Related terms: decision_making
Similar spelling:   rejected